Saturday, January 20, 2018
26 May 2017 00:00
Release .S.I.X.T.H., the 6th Gashunters album

Release of S.I.X.T.H. the 6th (...) Gashunters album on May 26 2017

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27 Sep 2016 11:55
Re-release 'Funky Sailing Ship' - Fat Eddy Band Project

Funky Sailing Ship (Fat Eddy Band Project) is re-released in 2015 en 2016. 


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10 Sep 2014 02:00

The quest for singers

Twoomusic is world wide continuously looking for 
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About Twoomusic

Twoomusic is a songwriter collaboration between lyricist Astrid Rhemrev and composer/musician Hans Geurts.

Twoomusic is a trade name of Hans' company, for all musical activities.

Twoomusic acts as label and publisher for all Twoomusic and Gashunters releases.

(c) Twoomusic
All music and lyrics are intellectual property of Twoomusic and as such officially deposited.

  TwooMusic offers music and lyrics for 
  • artists - the perfect add in for your repertoire
  • companies - corporate design, presentations and website. Also a fine address for divergent editorial work
  • audio-, video- and theater productions - library music and tailor made music
Twoomusic scouts and supports upcoming talent.