Twoomusic is a collaboration  between lyricist Astrid Rhemrev and composer/musician Hans Geurts.
Twoomusic is a trade name of Hans' own company, for all musical activities.

Twoomusic acts as label and publisher for all Twoomusic and Gashunters releases.


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Since 2001

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TwooMusic offers music and lyrics for 
  • artists - the perfect add in for your repertoire
  • companies - corporate design, presentations and website. Also a fine address for divergent editorial work.
  • audio-, video- and theater productions - library music and tailor made music

Twoomusic scouts and supports upcoming talent.

Twoomusic is a collabaration between composer/musician Hans Geurts and lyricist Astrid Rhemrev. At the beginning of this millennium they met at a joint principal in business. It didn't take long before there was a very musical click. Astrid had written some lyrics and Hans took the challenge to put it to music. Until today they are active together in music.

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Astrid Rhemrev - Her predilection for text and writing was born with her. For a long time this was reserved for business. in 2012 she started her website 'Astrid schrijft ..." (Astrid writes ...). In her other passion, music, she had some guitar and key lessons but overall she was a passive but passionate music listener. Until she began to write song lyrics and nowadays many lyrics, with and without music, lie on the shelf. Ready to be used by artists who can select  from many different genres. In Dutch or English, Astrid expresses divergent feelings, thoughts, emotions and spheres. Now metaphorical, now in poem or story, sometimes straightforward or in comprehensive language. You can find out more about Astrids lyrics here.


Astrid Lyricist 2014
Hans Geurts - Making music and producing are his things, but Hans is also active as lyricist. He's always searching for and on his way to new goals. Always fully engaged trying to answer the question 'why'. As an individual in society, as a composer, as a musician. Understandably the name Genius play a big part in his musical life. Genius is a a creating mind on a quest. There's even some compulsivity in the desire to create. Questions and answers, translated into songs and instrumentals. Out of the box. His music is divergent but also has recognizable characteristics: The Twoo groove :)
Hans Composer 2014
Although preferences in all styles there's a favourite: the alternative and sympho/progressive way. However, his songs are not all too complicated in structure and have a melodic touch. This prog pop is used in Hans' indie studio project Gashunters. Hans plays all keys but in almost every Gashunters song and Twoomusic demo he plays all instruments and vocals.

All-time favourite is is Gentle Giant. Other preferences: Ry Cooder, Sting, Tool, Muse, Foo Fighters, Triggerfinger, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Los Lobos, Crusaders, Pain of Salvation, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Arctic Monkeys, QOSA, US3, Jazzanova, etc. etc. etc.


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