Thursday, June 21, 2018

Singers wanted!

10 Sep 2014

Wanted - Vocalists
The quest for singers

Twoomusic is world wide continuously looking for 
Original and creative VOCALISTS (M/F).

For ad hoc single, EP and album releases and pitches/demos. It's non-paid, but you get a 15% benefit split from distribution sales when your contribution results in an official release. 

Recording @ home or Twoomusic studio. Pop, rock, latin, jazz, prog, metal. Experience in one or more of these styles is all good to us. Low, mid or high voice, raspy, crisp, soft, loud, it's okay with us. We will always try to match the right voice to the right song. No covers! It's all original music, so you can fill in new melody lines (and preferably backings). Some experience is welcome, but a steady and trained voice is a must.

Contact us if you are interested.  Give it a try! Music tracks are available.