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Ben je vocalist of instrumentalist en wil je in een samenwerking met Twoomusic of Gashunters aan een of meer muziekproducties je bijdrage leveren, dan is dit document wel zo handig om even door te lezen.

This is a Quick Start Guide for DIY DAW Recording using Reaper & WeTransfer. In plain English it's a guide for recording vocals or instrumental tracks at home with a computer.

In case of a written contract a Personal Contract is added to the documents. 

These terms apply to participants in a Twoomusic/Gashunters collaboration or music production. The Terms are considered to be read and agreed by potential participants before the start of any collaboration with Twoomusic. 

Participants automatically agree to these terms with acceptance and exploration of any preliminary material, demo and recording material, provided by Twoomusic, and/or starting any form of participation in the recording of one or more works.

Change log Dec 11 2015

  • The Terms are presented and used as general terms.Deviant rules can or will result in a personal contract.
  • Featuring contributions are no longer depending on the CD Baby administration, but are drawn up in an additional agreement.
  • Reward for non-featuring contributions (the %-split) has been changed.

Change log May 3 2015

  • guidelines in the use of social media

Change log March 12 2015

  • accreditation, especially 'featuring artist'
  • more room for additions and changes by musician
  • WAV-file format is changed to 24bit/48Khz
  • itemized payments

Change log September 11 2014

  • the terms serve a general purpose, a personal addendum is not needed anymore
  • standard compensation for musicians and vocalists in an official release

Bij een standaardsamenwerking - zonder schriftelijke overeenkomst - geldt een vaste bijdrage voor de 'featuring artist' van 25% van de distributieopbrengsten van elk afzonderlijk nummer. Deze worden in de Twoomusic administratie bijgehouden (zie Terms ...) In voorkomende gevallen kan de samenwerking schriftelijk worden vastgelegd. Dat gebeurt dan in een Personal Contract, waarvan hier een voorbeeld kan worden gedownload.

An overview and comparison of music aggregators

For music artists there are a lot of options to get their music heard world wide. There's always the DIY option but it's far better to let some professionals do your distribution. The range in aggregators (that's what they're called) is from completely free exposure on leading music websites to extended services like publishing, marketing and CD manufacturing.

Twoomusic made a list with leading aggregators and tried to compare them on essential details.



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