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pdf0Twoomusic Studio - Externe samenwerking (NL)HOT

Ben je vocalist of instrumentalist en wil je in een samenwerking met Twoomusic of Gashunters aan een of meer muziekproducties je bijdrage leveren, dan is dit document wel zo handig om even door

pdf1Twoomusic Studio - DAW Recording (ENG)HOT

This is a Quick Start Guide for DIY DAW Recording using Reaper & WeTransfer. In plain English it's a guide for recording vocals or instrumental tracks at home with

pdf2Terms of Twoomusic Collaboration and Phonogram Production (ENG)3.03 HOT

These terms apply to participants in a Twoomusic/Gashunters collaboration or music production. 

Article 1adefines the moment of the Terms coming to force: "Musician

pdf3Twoomusic Studio - Personal Contract (ENG)HOT

According to the a standard

pdf4Music aggregators (ENG)1.0 HOT

An overview and comparison of music aggregators

For music artists there are a lot of options to get their music heard world wide. There's always the DIY option but it's