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Terms of Twoomusic Collaboration and Phonogram Production ( Terms of Twoomusic Collaboration and Phonogram Production (ENG) HOT

These terms apply to participants in a Twoomusic/Gashunters collaboration or music production. 

Article 1a defines the moment of the Terms coming to force: "Musician automatically agrees to the terms in hand with the acceptance and exploration of any preliminary material, demo and recording material, provided by Twoomusic, and/or starting any form of participation in the recording of (parts of) phonogram."

Change log Oct 15 2019

  • The administration of collaborations is made less complicated. In a standard collaboration
    • no signatures are needed and
    • there's a split fixed percentage of 25% when MUSICIAN is registered as Featuring Artist on PHONOGRAM.
  • Only when needed and agreed upon by both parties individual agreements will be written down in an addtional PERSONAL CONTRACT.
  • Article 9 (Ending of a collaboration) is more defined in detail.
  • Minor changes in text.

Change log Dec 11 2015

  • The Terms are presented and used as general terms.Deviant rules can or will result in a personal contract.
  • Featuring contributions are no longer depending on the CD Baby administration, but are drawn up in an additional agreement.
  • Reward for non-featuring contributions (the %-split) has been changed.

Change log May 3 2015

  • guidelines in the use of social media

Change log March 12 2015

  • accreditation, especially 'featuring artist'
  • more room for additions and changes by musician
  • WAV-file format is changed to 24bit/48Khz
  • itemized payments

Change log September 11 2014

  • the terms serve a general purpose, a personal addendum is not needed anymore
  • standard compensation for musicians and vocalists in an official release