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Press release / persbericht launch Gashunters "In Search Of Genius" (Word .DOC)

Dutch studio project Gashunters releases 8th album

The launch of In Search Of Genius is Gashunters’ latest contribution to a steady growing discography. Since 2013 eight albums and a handful of singles were released.

Helmonds studioproject Gashunters lanceert 8e album

Met de lancering van het album In Search Of Genius wordt de Gashunters discografie weer verder uitgebreid. Sinds 2013 zijn nu acht albums en een handvol singles uitgebracht.

Content Promo Pack "In Search Of Genius"

  • Pictures
    • Cover "In Search Of Genius"
    • Cover "In Search Of Genius" inverted
    • People responsable for "In Search Of Genius"
    • LS CDR "In Search Of Genius"
    • Logo Gashunters
  • Booklet lyrics & info (PDF)
  • Press release NL/EN "In Search Of Genius" 5/2020 (PDF)
  • Tracklist (.TXT)

Format: MP3/128

Tracklist "In Search Of Genius"

1    Building walls              0:06:23    
2    Bare game                   0:05:03    
3    Like circles                0:05:21
4    How can I stay              0:04:23    
5    Heaven or hell              0:04:51    
6    Picture in the mirror       0:05:14    
7    Picture in the mirror P2    0:04:06    
8    Emptiness                   0:05:27    
9    Weeds on the wall           0:05:38    
10   Where is the light          0:05:57    

Total time                       0:52:24

Some unique bonus material, made just for fun :) 'Unplugged' studio versions from the album "In Search Of Genius":

Format: MP3/128

  • Building Walls
  • Bare Game
  • How Can I Stay
  • Like Circles
  • Picture In The Mirror
  • Picture In The Mirror Part 2





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