Astrid writes song lyrics for Twoomusic as well as for others. For the time being on this website no lyrics will be published. Please visit Astrid's own lyrics website. It also includes demos of other composers. Converging is quite a job and for the moment with less priority. For now: click here for the actual Lyrics website.

Hans is mainly a musician, but he also writes lyrics. Although most for use in his own music productions. You will meet up with Hans' lyrics in several Twoomusic demos.

Please contact us if you're looking for lyrics. In English or Dutch, in divergent genres.



Some important terms

  • All Twoomusic music and lyrics are original and copyrighted! The presented audio material serves a promotional purpose. In all times, places and cases, for use or application of music and lyrics prior authorization by Twoomusic is required. 
  • An ultimate recording is NOT our goal. Finally we are songwriters and no artists, engineers or professional studio. It's the idea what counts here! Of course end products ask for higher standards.
  • Music on this website is mostly offered in streaming format, not as a download. Recordings from the past could sound bad, for recording quality (e.g. cassette) at the time was bad ...
  • Available demos are mostly excerpts, sometimes complete works.


If you're interested in Twoomusic material for your own musical use (expanding repertoire, recording, live gig, etc), there are several solutions. We'll work it out together. 

Intellectual property and source code of the songs stay completely with Twoomusic. You get the right to use our music and/or lyrics, for commercial use and public performance. 

Twoomusic is mainly alternative pop/rock songs. We also do spheric instrumentals and trips to Dutch language and 80's feel.  If you're looking for dance or hiphop you better pass our door.

Music material is digitally composed, played, recorded and produced in the Twoomusic homestudio. 

For registering ideas studio quality is not required. A Twoomusic demo is what it is: a basic concept. Nevertheless, we do our best to make it sound well. For us songwriters it's just an example how it cóuld sound. Not how it shóuld sound, because all options are open: slower/faster, less/more/other instruments, other melody line, etc.

We assume that musical active listeners (vocalist, artist, band, producer, manager) are capable enough to judge a basic idea. Without being distracted in any way. Passive listeners (sort of all music lovers) can just enjoy or be repelled by  our demos. Without any purpose.

Please publish modules in offcanvas position.